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SVLK Certification Services

Sistem Verifikasi dan Legalitas Kayu (SVLK) is a system implemented in Indonesia to verify and confirm the origin of wood from upstream to downstream

Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK) is a multistakeholder tracking system to ensure the legality of sources of timber circulating and trading in Indonesia

Layanan Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu

SVLK was developed to encourage the implementation of applicable government regulations related to legal trade and distribution of forest products in Indonesia.


SVLK Principle

  1. Good Forestry Governance (Governance)
  2. Representation (Representatif)
  3. Transparency / openness (Credibility)

Improved administration and better timber administration through a system that can be monitored by all parties and has credibility in its implementation.


Benefits of SVLK

All timber products circulated and traded in Indonesia have a legality status that is convincing and undoubtedly its validity so that exporters can guarantee assurance of knowing the legality of Indonesian wood products in the global market which will affect the competitiveness of Indonesian wood production increasing and greater market opportunities open.

Sertifikat Legalitas Kayu (S-LK) is a Certificate issued by the Wood Legality Verification Institution (LVLK) where the LVLK provides assurance in writing that the products, processes and services performed by the business actor have fulfilled the requirements and the quality as per the legality standard of wood that has been set.

Maintenance of Wood Legality Certificate

Maintenance of S-LK shall be conducted through the activity of Ownership and Special Audit of Ownership carried out during the validity period of S-LK, conducted at least 12 (twelve) months and the result may be continuation, freezing or revoking S-LK.

Special Audits conducted to verify again, if :

  • There is a discrepancy in compliance with timber legality verification standards made by the First Party based on complaints submitted by Independent Monitorers,
  • Suspended on certification,
  • There is a significant change affecting the sustainability of timber legality compliance.
  • Receiving timber from auction after S-LK is issued by the Second Party.

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